Music Friday: Live from Aniak!

First order of business: MY PHONE IS A-SPLODED! Oh well. Have a new one coming in a week or so; I won’t sit on this one while sledding with children.

Next order: we are finally playing another weekend of games! We flew to Aniak this afternoon – officially the farthest north I’ve ever been – and will play tonight and tomorrow morning before heading back to TLT around 3pm.

Last before photos: My friend Marissa is visiting from Utah this week! Fuegs and I are old friends from undergrad, and she has really been great to have around this last week. Earlier in the week she helped in math, in social studies, in middle school, and today she was helping (and even covering for!) me in science. What a treat!

Having visitors means having an excuse to get out and do some fun things; here are some photos from our first weekend: a long walkabout, and an even longer snow-machine ride. You’ll also find some tunes at the bottom! Song is Arctic Shark by Quilt.










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