Music Friday: Will a Music Saturday do?

You brought this on yourself, Callie, wearing the wrong team's colors on Super Bowl Sunday. For shame.

You brought this on yourself, Callie, wearing the wrong team’s colors on Super Bowl Sunday. For shame.

Don’t look now, but we’re already knee-deep in the holiest of months! I can’t be the only one glad to see January behind us, right? Onto better, longer days!

This week was shortened by a bad back, two days of testing, and an unexplained early release yesterday, but it was a really good week. I went into Tuesday – having spent Monday doing various back stretches, taking naps and mental inventory -with a personal mandate to smile more. My energy in the classroom had been flagging, and I knew my stern/exasperated responses were not helping. It made a huge difference – I felt better, yeah, but my kids had a hard time not smiling back. It was as if once our faces were convinced we were content, relaxed, motivated, our brains and bodies followed. That felt good.

Some big shout-outs:

The wind, for cancelling basketball this weekend! Bummer for the boys, yeah, but we get another week of practice and I got to sleep in :]

Pa, for his help with taxes! I’ve done my own plenty of times, but thanks to a quirk of my “forced housing” situation in Tuluksak found myself needing the full paid version. Really enjoyed our Skype sesh!

Ma, for booking flights to come visit me after Spring Break! I’ll be so glad to share my life here.

Fuego, my old undergrad pal, for coming to visit TODAY! Marissa and I have been chums since at LEAST early 2007, and she’s in teaching school right now. While she’ll geek out on observing (slightly more) experienced teachers this week, I’m super stoked for friend reunion times. Yay!



I had a hard time picking a song this week – not for dearth, but plenty. Here is a great ol’ cowboy tune off of an album I’ve listened to all week – The Rich Old Lady by Alan Lomax.


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